Tuesday, August 4, 2020

2020 Pool Updates

Pool Update:

Due to the COVID 19 the opening of our pool had to be delayed this year until swimming facilities were given clearance by the Governor to open. Since that time, we have started and completed the necessary steps to open the pool to our residents.

The stairs were painted to increase visibility
The fence was realigned to reposition the gate for closure
The pipe leak in the pump room was repaired
The electricity has been restored to the pump system for circulation and the box has been completely replaced
Chemicals have been added and circulating to clean the pool water
The skimmer has been repaired for this season's operation
The showers, which are located in the restrooms, have been cleaned and disinfected for your use

At this time we anticipate and opening date of no later than August 15th with the following protocols in place for your safety:

Pool count is limited to no more than 20 at a time

The restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected three times a day

The pool chairs and loungers will not be provided this year so please bring foldable chairs or portable furniture

We encourage you to bring your own hand sanitizer

Masks must be worn when entering the building including for restroom use